OLD DEVLOGS - From January 8 to July 20, 2019

V0.0.5 - January 8, 2019

+ Added difficulty for both solo and multiplayer.
+- Adjusted the speed of the game over time.

V0.4.1 - February 22, 2019
++ Added rain and fog weather. Rain makes sound less audible and fog makes the player see less further.
++ Added a looping wind sound effect.
++ Added a distance measure in meters from the player location to the objective, zones and other players locations.
++ Added a view distance over time for the AIs, more the time passes, more the AIs see further.
++ Added a purple Crosshair.
+- Modified the day length value of the island map from 5 to 5.5.
+- Adjusted the shadows distance and quality.
+- Changed the default map. The other one has been corrupted while working on it.
+- Adjusted the player jump height.
+- Modified the particle effect when picking a Firlyn stone.
+- Modified the default zones models and collision models (causes RAM to be overused by their size).
+- Modified the water material. No more wave height, water color is more bright and the water depth fade starts on the coast and at the camera location.
+- Adjusted, in the map, the fog intensity and distance.
-- Removed grass, I will make another model that takes less resources.
-- Reduced the danger zone disappear delay from 30 seconds to 20.
-- Reduced the zones default sizes.
! Fixed a visual problem that the sun was passing in front of the moon.
! Fixed a collision problem with the trees, the collisions were too big.
! Fixed a flashlight problem, when aiming with the third mode at a guard they don't get flashed.

V0.7.1 - July 9, 2019
++ Added a new AI, the Firlyn Monster.
++ Added grass.
++ Added more quality for the clouds.
++ Added more difficulty levels, now minimum difficulty is -2 and maximum difficulty is 8. the Firlyn stones and the objective capture speed is now taken into account for difficulties.
++ The Fog material and values has been changed. The Fog is no more a particle system, it appears everytime you're underwater now and fades at the camera position.
+- Modified the movement mechanism of players and AIs for gameplay purposes, changed sprint speed multiplier from x1.75 to x1.6 and reduced slightly the run speed.
+- Modified some text boxes hints that were actual text. The text is replaced by hints so that you'll no longer need to remove the text.
+- Modified the animations of human characters.
+- Modified the zones materials.
+- Modified the AI perception system, the view distance and the hearing distance doesn't augment anymore over time. The vision angle is reduced.
+- Augmented the AI flashed time from 2 to 3.5 seconds. AI can now be flashed in Rage Mode but for 2 seconds only.
+- Augmented the AI patrol distance by 50%.
+- Augmented the AI spawn delay from 30 to 60 seconds.
+- Augmented the safe zone and danger zone default sizes.
+- Augmented the danger zone spawn delay multiplier minimum value from 0.2 to 0.5 (the value starts from 1 and decrements over zones spawns).
+- Augmented the day length value of the island map from 5.5 to 7.1
+- Augmented the footsteps sound distance.
+- Augmented the stamina regeneration.
+- Adjusted the speed of the game over time.
+- Reduced the danger zone speed.
+- Reduced the moon size.
+- Reduced the horizon size.
+- Reduced the trees collisions size.
+- Reduced the flashlight size for the player and AI. 
! Fixed a performance problem, the overall collisions were consuming too much ressources.
! Fixed a gameplay problem, the guards coudn't be flashed underwater because of a collision problem.

V0.7.4 - July 20, 2019
++ Added a camera effect when you strafe left and right.
+- Augmented the shadow distance for more graphic details.
+- Augmented the foliage distance for more graphic details.
+- Augmented the clouds quality for more graphic details.
+- Augmented the zones default sizes.
+- Modified the footsteps particle effect.
+- Modified the rain particle effect.
+- Modified the stars.
+- Reduced rain time from 45 to 30 seconds.
+- Reduced the danger zone spawn delay from 90 to 60 seconds.
! Fixed an AI problem, while the player is dead, if the player presses a movement key (WASD/ZQSD) the AIs near him will start following his current location.
! Fixed the Danger Zone HUD text, "DG" should have been "DZ".
! Fixed a visual problem, when the Danger Zone appears the visual effect appears for 1 frame everytime on 60Hz monitors and sometimes on 30Hz monitors.
! Fixed an AI problem when the player interacts with his flashlight, now when the player dies his flashlight turns off automatically to stop guards being flashed while the player is dead.
! Fixed an animation problem, in multiplayer the clients couldn't see the host crouch.
! Fixed a zone problem, in multiplayer when the game restart the danger zone lethal effect is still active upon staying in the danger zone while being dead.

V0.7.5 - July 20, 2019
++ Added an option to switch between French keyboard (ZQSD) and English keyboard (WASD), you can change that in the settings menu.
! Fixed a setting problem, Post-Process settings couldn't be modified to another option.
! Fixed settings problems, the quality settings couldn't load on launch until openning the settings menu.
! Fixed a multiplayer problem, when the client dies first the "Defeat" screen appears on the client's screen and it shouldn't.
! Fixed a Firlyn Monster problem in multiplayer, when the game restarts the "visibility tetany" stays at it's current value and it should have got back to none.


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