Devlog - Game Update V0.8.4

++ Greatly reduced file size, improved overall performance settings.

++ Added a setting for shadow distance.

+- Improved wind effects for the grass and the tree leaves.

+- Improved water physics with ragdolls.

+- Augmented danger zone spawn delay from 60 to 80 seconds.

+- Augmented gained experience by capturing an objective from 3 to 4, and surviving a zone by 2 to 3.

+- Augmented Firlyn stone sound distance by 50%.

+- Augmented Firlyn monster's spawn distance by 20%.

+- Augmented trees size by 100%.

+- Greatly modified AI system (you are easier to be found out but not only that).

+- Modified menus styles.

+- Modified the flash system. Before, when you started flashing a guard, the timer decrements while the guard is still under the effect of flash.

Now the timer stars decrementing when you stop flashing the guard.

+- Modified stamina loss system when you jump. Now, each time you jump, it will decrease of 1/5 from the maximum value.

+- Slightly modified health and stamina bars position and scale, modified crosshair size.

! Fixed a reverb bug due to the new version of the engine.

! Fixed a problem when at the beginning of the game you couldn't spawn underwater neither the guards.

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28 days ago

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