Devlog - Game Update V0.8.2

++ Added a new character.

++ Added new models with some performance improvements.

++ Added an underwater ragdoll, added an "alive" ragdoll only if you die in the Danger Zone.

++ Added and adjusted some underwater effects. Added motion blur, added bloom and adjusted color tint.

+- Modified the total Firlyn spawn from 2600 to 1500.

+- Modified Martin's and Victor's abilities.

+- Modified the rain sound blur. The sound attenuation caused by the rain is more powerful.

-- Removed some useless textures to fill up less space and improve performance.

-- Removed the underwater reverb effect.

! Fixed a collision problem with AIs interacting with the player's ragdoll while walking on it.

! Fixed a light reflection problem. The water could still see the initial location of the sun and reflect it at all times, even at night.

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61 days ago

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