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The Firlyns Glitter

Collect them, flee the guards and survive the danger around you at all times. · By Dreaghy / Voyder Rozann


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Devlog - Game Update V0.8.5
++ Added reverb effects. ++ Added main menu music (The Firlyns Glitter - Theme). ++ Added a slight strafe movement underwater. +- Increased game speed over time...
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Development talk #1
Hello ! To start off, new menu design and I'm still working on new designs (animations stuff) ! And I've created this post to talk about future development !...
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Devlog - Game Update V0.8.4
++ Greatly reduced file size, improved overall performance settings. ++ Added a setting for shadow distance. +- Improved wind effects for the grass and the tree...
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Devlog - Game Update V0.8.3
++ Added new swimming sounds, improved and adjusted the majority of the sounds, removed unnecessary sounds. ++ Added a camera animation when you move. ++ Added...
Notes - N°1
Hello ! I've changed the price of the game from free to $2.95 for testing how to distribute keys, the price will stay the same through the course of the project...
Devlog - Game Update V0.8.2
++ Added a new character. ++ Added new models with some performance improvements. ++ Added an underwater ragdoll, added an "alive" ragdoll only if you die in th...
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Devlog - Game Update V0.8.1
++ Added a new character. +- Added more quality over ragdoll physics. +- Modified the flashlight of both the player and the guards. +- Reduced flashed time from...
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Devlog - Game Update V0.8.0
++ Added a level system. ++ Added a menu to select your character and its unique abilities. +- Modified grass quality. +- Adjusted the Firlyn material. +- Augme...
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