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The Firlyns Glitter


The Firlyns Glitter is a First Person Survival Horror Game.
The Multiplayer mode is implemented (DISABLED AT THE MOMENT), more informations will be added in the future on how to access and play online.

The Story (WIP)

An old scientist, one day, discovered that a big purple shiny meteor will pass on an island soon, but he did not expect the meteor to shatter, while hitting the atmosphere, into thousands of pieces.
-Journalist "Why this... Erm, rock bother you so much ?"
-Scientist "I'm not allowed to answer that, all I can say is that this meteor is special and might be dangerous !"
-Journalist "Ok, well we need these informations for safety precautions !"
-Scientist, speaking in anger "I said it MIGHT be dangerous, not that it IS ! And for the moment there's no alarming situations or changes in everything around and in this specific island ! And if you continue to pursue me for only this I-..."
-Journalist, interrupting "We need this information to protect people from around the world if this is dangerous and-..."
-Scientist, interrupting and yelling in anger "The fragments are only in the island, and this island is not even connected to big cities or even near any point where people live ! And for my reasons I shall not answer further questions, I'm leaving !"
-You/Player "Hey hum, I could rent an helicopter or a boat to go on the island and inspect all of this !"
You went to the island expecting no danger in any way, but you were wrong. The helicopter was almost out of fuel and communications were very slow.


At the beginning of the game, you land in a random place on the island. You need to collect the Firlyn fragments one by one. After a certain amount of Firlyns collected, you'll need to go to an objective and capture it. If captured, that will reset your collection back to Zero. Do that three times and you'll win.

Guards will hunt you down, whatever you do. The best thing to do to avoid them is to flee them. If you got caught by one of them, you'll be dead and eventually lose if your team is dead (unless you play solo). To flee them more easely, you can flash them with your flashlight.

The Safe and Danger Zones will appear after a while. The Safe Zone will grant you, if you're inside it, no damage from the Danger Zone that rather will do damage if you're outside of it. If you take too much damage, you'll eventually die.

A Firlyn Monster will observe you but it can't kill you, but if you see it for too long your visibility (or your speciality) will be reduced until you regenerate.

On your HUD, you have a health bar (red) and a stamina bar (green). The danger zone will make you lose health over time if you're outside of it. Guards kill you instantly if they are too close to you.
While you sprint, your stamina will decrement over the time you are sprinting. If you run out of stamina you'll be unable to sprint. If you stop sprinting your stamina will increment over time.
Under your crosshair, you have a visibility tetany bar, if you see the Firlyn Monster, the bar will fill up and show you how much visibility tetany you have.

Your have also, on your HUD, the number of Firlyns stones collected. If you reach the number of stones during the collection an objective will spawn on the map. If you spin around, something will appear on the HUD and tell you where the objective is.
The HUD will inform you when the Safe Zone and the Danger Zone will appear.


ZQSD/WASD - Move (change your keyboard in the settings)
Space Bar - Jump
Left Ctrl - Crouch (you are silent)
Left Shift - Sprint
Left Click - Collect
F - Toggle Flashlight On/Off
Right Click - Toggle Flashlight modes, the third mode can flash guards
P - Open settings in-game


The difficulty setting goes from -2 to 8, -2 to train yourself and 8 being insanely difficult.

To unlock new characters, increase your level by playing games. More high is the difficulty, more you gain experience at the end of the game if you win.

As always, Good Luck and Have Fun !


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